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Magento is known as the most popular and trustworthy eCommerce solution today. This shopping cart provides its users with numerous great capacities and maintenance features like easy and intuitive back-end management, reliable and powerful payment system, convenient shipping, flexible promoting tools etc.

We'd like to present a huge selection of complete web themes designed specifically for Magento solution. You will find unique Magento themes associated with almost any business, meeting any tastes and preferences.

Our designers offer professional layouts with various color schemes and structures. Besides, every theme is not just for a general website store – it reflects the definite theme and type of business. So you will be able to select Magento themes for your sphere, starting from clothing and accessories stores, jewelry stores, electronics stores and ending with pets stores and even pizza houses.

Besides, you are free to customize the templates to reveal your corporate colors, the overall look and feel of your brand. All Magento templates found in our collection are flexible and fully customizable. Just browse through the designs presented in the gallery and choose the proper layout for your future store.

You may create entirely exclusive, brand new websites using the templates as a basis or redesign your present websites.

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Our templates can be sold repeatedly to different customers. Non-exclusive purchase means that other people can buy the template you have chosen.

If you choose 'Unique price', it guarantees that you are the last person to buy this template. After the exclusive purchase occurs the template is permanently removed from our sales directory and is never available to other customers again. Only you and people who bought the template before you will own it.

Note: Nevertheless, you can't redistribute or resell templates either after NON-UNIQUE or after UNIQUE purchase.

Magento Templates - Best For Your Store

As soon as Magento solution appeared, our team of designers and webmasters started developing the themes for this quickly growing shopping cart software. The reason for this is our desire and ability to keep it up to date and provide our customers wish fresh ideas for their businesses.  Magento themes have gained confidence both among web users and site owners and we can't even imagine eCommerce templates category lacking them.

Feel free to use our Magento themes for various purposes: they are applicable not only for retail stores, but also for wholesale trade as well as services providing. No matter whether your site is a small business with a limited amount of goods and services or a large corporate website with a shopping cart – you may enjoy templates created for any company.

Our website is proud of awesome designs that are considered to be bestsellers among Magento templates found on the net. The layouts we offer are not only beautiful but also fully functional and editable. So you will be able to use any standard Magento feature as well as some proven applications and plug-ins. One of the major benefits of the pre-made layouts is the ability to work with the template without any specific coding, designing or programming skills. Being accessible in the Magento admin panel, the editor is clear and user-friendly.

The installation process is quick and easy – you'll find instructions on setting up your template right inside the delivered package.  Moreover, you may order installation and customization service from our technicians.

All you need to do is browse through our rich collection of original templates and choose the one to your like, buy the product and get the download after the payment process is complete and the order is confirmed.  We make our best to combine the quality and aesthetics, the functions and easy-to-use interface. Enjoy working with our Magento templates and creating truly professional and eye-catching business shopping carts!

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